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Zenita Komad
Zenita Komad In recent years Zenita Komad has created a highly personal, densely networked world. Initially dubbed "Zenita City", it has now become expanded into "Zenita Universe". "Zenita Galaxy" already seems like the next logical step. Her work is a contemporary manifestation of the gesamtkunstwerk idea - the paternal father of its genealogy appearing to be Andy Warhol. The central focus is Zenita, as a woman, an individual, an artist, a part of the art community. The goal is nothing less than tearing down the walls between art and life. She has succeeded in doing this light-handedly, without any proclamations of pathos, with a twinkle in her eye. She draws from the world of things, of commodities, ideas and art, selecting what appears useful to her, transforming it and incorporating it in her "Zenita Universe" - in the guise of texts, images, reliefs, sculptures, but usually hybrids and ensembles that transgress the boundaries of genres.

Name: Zenita Komad
Age: 26 years
Based in: Australia
Curriculum Vitae: Click here
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